The Zempaxóchitl flower Leyend


 Xóchitl and Huitzilin were in love since they were children. They grew up together and so did their love did.  Every afternoon they went up to the mountain to offer flowers to Tonatiuh, father of the sun. It looked like He smiled at the lovers’ offer.  They promised to love each other beyond time, distance and death.

One day, war came, and the lovers got separated, soon the news spread that Huitzilin had died in combat.  Xóchitl felt that her heart was torn apart for the pain. She went up to the mountain and asked Tonatiuh, father of the sun, to join their love together.  The sun moved, spread one of its rays to touch the Young woman and turned her into a flower, with colors as intense as the rays itself.

Later Huitzilin, in the form of a hummingbird, lovingly, settled on the flower and the flower opened in 20 pedals, of intense and mysterious aroma…

It is said that this is how, the Zempaxóchitl flower was born, the flower of the death.


Learning in the Anahuaca Culture.


iconTraducido por: MIT. Claudia B. Malo Torres dslr-camera Miguel García


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